Son of Aegr, Warchief of the Hrem


In the twilight of the second age of the Titans
Did Mighty Aegr descend upon the land
Coming as a mighty bear upon the Hrem,
And blessed them with a son.

-Oral History of the Hrem as told by Elder Hrungnir

The Hrem tribes of northern Aegea have long considered themselves a people apart, maintaining the old ways of their ancestors from the Frozen Wastelands, worshiping the gods by their old names. Wild blood and fury courses through their hearts.

Odeus came among them as a mighty bear, called Aegr in the Ancient Tongue. He took lovers from their women, yet sired only one child. Upon the birth, Odeus-called-Aegr drove a spear into the earth and proclaimed, “When he draws forth this shard of my fury, he shall be your king, and you shall follow him against the oppressor and the worshipers of the Titans.” And so the child was called Berengar, the Bear-Spear.

The boy grew strong and tall, and drew forth the spear when he came of age. The old king stood aside and Berengar took for himself a crown of bone. Wielding the Warspear of Aegr, he led the hordes of the Hrem against the loathsome disciples of the Titans, who worked to restore their ancient masters, and slew them.

With the Titanslaves defeated, Berengar and the Hrem returned to their homeland. But the world is filled with evils and dangers, and Berengar kept the Warspear close at hand for the day when he would once again venture forth.


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