Captain Antelios

Captain of the Pride of Agras


The Pride of Agras is the largest trireme in the Aegean Navy. It carries an entire company of Aegean Marines aboard, elite warriors known as the Golden Line. Neither they, nor the Pride of Agras, has ever known defeat.

Captain Antelios has commanded the Pride for 5 years. He is a man of deep passions and furious rages. His prowess in battle has enabled him to rise above a career checkered by overreaches: there are reports he wiped out a fishing village that offended him, or slaughtered an enemy force after surrender. He has persevered in the face of all of these charges, which would destroy the career of a lesser commander, by the simple virtue of being practically impossible to defeat. Some whisper that the gods themselves smile upon him.

Loyalty: 2
Sea Captain/Tracker (Guide): 4
Warrior (Man-at-arms): 2
Cost: The Thrill of Victory


Captain Antelios

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