Crastaos Thrysuos

A legendary archer and ranger, Crastaos is the Chosen of Lady Ashotia


Noone knows where Crastaos was born or who his parents were. He was found in the nest of a Giant Eagle, curled around the only egg remaining in the nest, by a sister of the Lady Ashotia, goddess of storms and winter. The mother eagle never came, and so the priestess took it as a sign – for surely if the eagle had taken the boy from his parents it would have eaten him already. Taking him to the temple the head Priestess agreed – the boy had been placed there, alongside the egg, by the Lady herself. Surely great things would come of him. When they tried to separate him from the egg the boy cried violently, and that night he began to grow weak. But as soon as he was with the egg, which was kept in a warm place, for the Giant Eagle’s were the highest of the Lady’s companions, he calmed and regained his strength.

So it was that Crastoas Thrysuos (Windborn in the Priestess’s tongue) was raised at the temple. There were no men who were priests of the order, but he was raised learning all of the Storm-mother’s tenants. His true path was found when he began to spend time with the Cloudchasers- a group of highly trained warriors that protected the Lady’s temples and priestesses when they travelled on important missions. Young Crastaos proved to be a fine warrior, though his ability with the bow was uncanny. By the time he was thirteen years old his aim was unmatched by any of the senior Cloudchasers, and his natural agility was almost supernatural.

When not learning the ways of his Lady, or learning from his Cloudchaser mentors, Crastaos could be found climbing the mountain side or taking care of the baby giant eagle that had been born on his twelfth birthday. As soon as Erytia (the name he had given the female bird) was large enough to fly the pair were inseparable.

It was on his sixteenth birthday that the storm came, and along with it the visions. The dreams had wracked not only the young man, but many of the priestesses as well. The boy’s training had gone as far as it could go, and he would be needed for something much larger than protecting the temple. He left the temple shortly thereafter and set out to make his name.

The name of Crastaos and the strange, massive bird that was always by his side was soon well known. He freed a town from the tyranny of a bandit king and his men, twisted by dark magics. He’d hunted Algos, the giant bear of Gorathia, though he had let it live in the end, only taking one of the great beasts claws. These were only some of the tales people told of him, and they knew there would be many more.

Crastaos Thrysuos

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