Legendary human bard


Enlil-bali, the bard known throughout the lands of man and god is the legendary bard who is said to have defeated two armies with nothing more than an old wood harp.
His song, the Titans Lament quieted the heart of of the Kings Mardun and Romel before either one could spill blood. Enlil-bali lead the negotiations between the two great kingdoms that created the great trade route now commonly known as the Golden Straight, so named because of Mardun’s gold mines and Romel’s vast grain fields.

Since that time Elil-bali has made his way across the kingdoms and has been a welcome guest at the tables of kings and it is said gods alike. He is said to have traveled to the far off mystic kingdom of Elutheria home of wizards and scholars and through his cunning, guile and golden voice made his way to the very center of the labyrinth.

Sailors and merchant caravans consider it good luck when Enlil-bali joins them as he is considered a bit of a magnet for good luck and good fortune.


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