Champion of Aphetor the sun-god


Lux – Human Paladin
HP 23/23 XP 0/8 Damage d10
STR 16 DEX 8 CON 13 INT 12 WIS 9 CHA 15

Lay on Hands, Armored, I Am the Law, Quest

Scale Armor
Dungeon Rations
Adventuring Gear
Symbol of Aphetor


Hail Aphetor, the god of the sun and the shield, the protecting light! Hail Aphetor, god of the pure fire of the heavens, who purifies illness and sin! Hail Aphetor, for we are unworthy before him!

The chant echoed through the temple, the passages cunningly cut so that no matter where you stood, the ceaseless chanting of the acolytes and prayers of the priests in the outer sanctum echoed around you. However, in the inner sanctum, silence reigned, as Lux kneeled before the mighty golden statue of Aphetor, seeking guidance.

Her long vigil was interrupted by the sound of footsteps, as the high priest of Aphetor, face concealed by a golden mask carved with the sun and shield emblem of the god, approached. “Daughter. You receive no answer because you committed no sin. The witch-child was too full of iniquity, and Aphetor’s guidance led your blade to his heart. The land sings your praises; Lux, the blessed champion of the sun, radiant in beauty and purity, the only hero to fight through the darkness and enter the tomb of Spadra. You saved us all. Why do you hide from those who would praise you?”

Lux stood, angrily, her tall frame towering over the shrunken priest as her eyes latched onto his behind the mask. Her shoulders shook with rage as she struggled to hold back a curse. “He was a boy. Six years of age. He had loving parents, who now weep even as I do. Whatever dark force possessed him, the child was not at fault. I cannot celebrate the death of an innocent, father.”
She turned towards the door, then paused. “Aphetor may be silent, but my heart is not. I am unworthy to step in this sacred temple. I must go.”

Lux has fiery eyes, and her temper is quick to flare when her judgement is questioned. Her styled hair is golden like the sun, kept in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face in combat, and her body is fit from years of training with blade and shield.
The holy symbol she carries with her is engraved with some of the brightest gold in Aegea, in the shape of a shield with a sunburst reaching out over the edges. It has been blessed by the high priest of Aphetor, and she touches it often when she considers the evils of the world.

Aphetor guides her to find evil, although she does not always agree with his precepts on how to deal with the evil that she finds, she struggles to protect those weaker than herself against the dangerous threats that plague all of Aegea.


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