The Weeping Wastes

One night shortly before the plague took hold, a boat sailed into the port of man from the east. It’s wood was dark and decayed, and it flew no colors. When no lanterns were shown to give the dock it’s reason for coming the worst was assumed. A plague ship. Catapults let loose their charges, destroying the hull as it neared. It never touched the dock itself before being sank, though when ships were cast out to deal with the bodies of any that were aboard it none were found.

The first of those to begin to bleed was one of the men on the boats sent out to look for bodies, and soon others followed suit. It did not take long for scholars, nor the common folk to do the math. Whispers began to spread that the boat was sent as a curse upon men.

The plague has come to be known as the Weeping Waste. It’s symptoms are hard to notice at first – they would be played off as a weakening of one or multiple of the warm humours, likely brought on by lack of rest, stress, poor diet or food past it’s prime. General exhaustion, chills, and perhaps the occasional cough.

The symptom for which it was named was the reddening of the eyes, and eventual weeping of bloody tears. There was no known cure once the disease had progressed this far, and even the greatest priests, herbalists and alchemists were hard pressed to save those that hadn’t reached this state. Worst of all, in those places hardest hit the fertility rate has dropped drastically – something scholars had noticed far before the most horrifying of the diseases symptoms started to show up among the populace.

Rumor has it that a symbol has been showing up in strange places – a stylized eye with a teardrop beneath it, real blood usually smeared on the drop, making sure that none would mistake it for simple tears.

The Weeping Wastes

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